Names of God

Introduction to the Names of God

Who is God According to His Word?

Taking in His Word One Day at a Time

Elohim – Creator 

Created for Elohim’s Glory: He Has Formed, He Has Made.

Elohim – He Does Not Grow Tired or Weary – He Equips You!

El Elyon – God Most High: Sovereign God Who Rules and Reigns Over All.

The God Most High: El Elyon – He Has the Situation Under Control. 

Valentine Petals

Abiding Peace in El Elyon – God Most High

Lord, Do You See Me?

El Roi – The GOD Who Sees – He is Acquainted with All Your Ways.

All – Sufficient God – EL SHADDAI

El Shaddai – Worship Him

Lord – Is More Than “Just” a Word

Adonai – He Makes Us New!

Have Confidence in Adonai, the Lord.

He Will Provide: Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider!

“I’ve Been Robbed!”

“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!”

The Battle is On!

Sanctification: “It is the LORD Who Sanctifies You.”

You Are Not Alone